Going Green!

Here at Yalbury Cottage we have been brainstorming ways to be more environmentally friendly. We think it is more important now than ever to protect our planet!


As a team we already do many things towards this ethos:

  • Reduced ordering to save travel miles
  • Lift shares to and from work
  • Have our own greenhouse and garden to grow our herbs and garnishes
  • Use many eco-friendly and biodegradable products such as straws, toilet rolls and stirrers
  • Recyclable water bottles in our hotel rooms
  • Buy from local, green suppliers
  • Recycle food containers by using them for storage of yet more food!
  • Always save power by turning off lights, ovens and machines whenever possible (at the mains plug/wall!)
  • Have our own compost bins on site

As a team we pledge to:

  • Reduce our plastic and packaging use by using even more eco-friendly products such as plastic-free piping bags and cling film
  • Use biodegradable paper where we can, and reduce our printing amount
  • Use refillable bottles and infills
  • Have two vegetarian staff meals a week
  • Over the winter we will use a clothes horse rather than our tumble drier to dry the washing
  • Replace our radiators before the winter to be more energy efficient


We have decided to take responsibility and adopt a new way of living and working, and hope to influence you along the way as well!