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Stewed Rhubarb with warm Amaretto Sabayon

Serves 4

Stewed rhubarb
500g  Chopped rhubarb into 3cm batons
1  Large orange zest grated
2  Large lemons zest grated
100g  Soft brown sugar

Mardeira Sabayon
2ea  Egg yolks
50g  Castor sugar
25ml  Madeira
50ml  Whipping cream

Heat 200ml of water in a sauce pan and add the sugar and the Zests from the orange and the lemons and cook until the sugar has dissolved.

Add the rhubarb and poach until the rhubarb is soft.

Leave the rhubarb to cool in the liquid and then drain.

Tip: Keep the excess syrup and reduce over a low heat until you have a thick syrup, this keeps for weeks in the fridge and you can make a wonderful champagne cocktail with it!

To make the Sabayon, add the egg yolks to a stainless steel mixing bowl with the sugar and Madeira.

Place the mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water away from the stove and whisk until the eggs and light and fluffy. Do not let the bowl get to hot otherwise the eggs will cook.

Whip the cream to a soft peak and then fold into the egg mix.

In the centre of a deep plate stack the batons of stewed rhubarb and then pour a little of the  sabayon around the plate.

Place the plate under a hot grill and toast the sayayon until a light golden colour. (This can also be done with a blow touch as for crème brulee).

Add a ball of vanilla ice cream on top of the rhubarb and serve. (In the restaurant we add a ball of cinnamon and rhubarb ripple ice cream)