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Rhubarb and Bitter Chocolate Brioche Butter Pudding

Serves 4

For the custard
1ea  Whole egg
100ml  Double cream
100ml  Milk
1  Zest of orange grated
1  Zest of lemon grated
50g  Castor sugar

240g   Stewed rhubarb as recipe above
4   Thick slices of raisin brioche (or panettoni)
25g  Soft butter
10g  Dark chocolate 70%

For the custard mix, mix together the egg, cream, milk, grated orange zest, grated lemon zest and castor sugar and set aside.

Butter the slices of brioche with the soft butter and then cut the brioche slices into 2cm squares.

Butter 4 ramekin dishes and add a spoon of the stewed rhubarb in the bottom of each dish. Then add a few pieces of buttered brioche up to half way up the dish.

Break the chocolate into small pieces and divide it between the 4 dishes, then top up the dishes with the remaining buttered brioche.

Fill each of the ramekin dishes with the custard mix and leave for a few minutes for the brioche to sock up some of the custard mix and then top up again with the remaining custard mix.

Place each ramekin on a roasting tray and pour water around the outside of the dish up to half way up the dishes.

Bake in a hot oven 200 degree c for 20 minutes remove from the oven a serve straight way.