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Yalbury Cottage Produce and Recipes


We often get asked for the recipes to Jamies wonderful dishes at YC -  so here are a selection hand picked by Jamie for you to try at home and share with your friends and family. We hope you enjoy them!

We are proud of our produce and our wonderful suppliers

At Yalbury Cottage we use only the finest local seasonal produce from suppliers and producers who really care about their product as much as we do. As you can see below, we have one of the best larders on our doorstep in Britain, DORSET!!!

We are also new proud members of Direct from Dorset. For full details go to their website: www.directfromdorset.co.uk

Please see below our supplier’s lists and contacts to them and feel free to contact them should you require their services.

Our Wine Menu

We buy all our wines and Champagne from a local wine store in Poundbury called “The Dorset Wine Company”. Jonathan Charles, the owner of the company and a true lover of fine wines, helped us create our wine menu which features some real classic’s as well as new and interesting wines, we even have Dorset wine on the menu which needs to be tested to be believed, wonderful. . Jonathan will be more than happy to sell you any of the wines on our menu, which may tickle your taste buds.



Nothing better then a good local beer and you can not get better then Palmers of Bridport, Britain’s oldest thatched brewery.


More local Beers

We have also started with a new brewing company called DBC the Dorset Brewing company from Weymouth. They have a wonderful selection of beers that if you are a real ale lover you just have to try.


Our Dorset cheese selection

We buy all our cheeses under one roof from a wonderful Delicatessen in Dorchester called the Fridge. We also buy the very popular Woolsery Goats Cheese from them as well.



supply a wide range of local produce from smaller suppliers who find it difficult to distribute their products. Roberts are a welcome addition to all caterers.



We have the most wonderful mushrooms you have ever seen or tasted. George grows them himself and is a reall lover of them.

Dorset Down Mushrooms Sherborne Tel: 01963 220 007


Local milk and cream all coming from Blackmore Vale - www.bvdairy.co.uk - and delivered to us by Graingers the best locally.

We also buy clotted cream from Craig’s farm dairy - www.craigsfarmdairy.co.uk

Wrights Dairy bring us all the wonderful cheeses from East Dorset and the New Forest - www.wrights-dairies.co.uk

Ice Cream

Purbeck Ice Cream is wonderful quality ice cream a must try!



You can not get better anywhere!! Trust me..The best crab, lobsters and scallops picked up from our shores around us.

Portland Shellfish Tel:01305 822522


We use only free-range eggs in the hotel from Foots farm about 15 minutes from the hotel.

They are delivered to us by Graingers of Dorchester Tel: 01305 251840

Locally grown vegetables and Portland Mutton

Just Good Stuff is the name of the company and “just good stuff” is what they grow!!! All seasonal vegetables and fruit from just a few miles away from our door. They even supply our quail eggs and guineafowl.

Call Steve Gould on 07824702398

Speciality Mushrooms

Amazing quality of different styles of mushrooms from a company called Fundamentally Fungus from near the new Forest.

www.fundamentallyfungus.com or call Sue Whiting on 01264 811170

Local Rose Veal

Fantastic quality veal coming from just up the road in Winfrith from Jurassic Coast Meats Ltd.

www.jurassiccoastmeats.co.uk or call Liz Sealey on 01305 853355


We have the BEST duck in the UK, “Creedy” Duck from on the Devon border delivered to us by La Chasse.


Salad Leaves

Woodsford Leaves from around the corner in Crossways have started to grow all our leaves for us of an amazing quality. From baby spinach and watercress to mixed salad leaves, all picked on the day for us.

Call Stephen or Liz on 01305 853 879


YES! We have our very own Dorset snails, coming from a company called  Dorset Escargot and they are just fantastic quality, the best I have every tasted.

www.dorset-escargot.co.uk or call 01202 549733


All our Fresh garlic and smoked garlic comes from the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight. The quality is amazing and the different varieties of garlic are both unusual and exciting.
They also have some wonderful home made chutneys.



A wonderful family run fishmonger is hard to come by these days but we have one in Bridport, Samways.



Capreolus Fine Foods is an award winning, family owned artisan smokehouse set in Rampisham, West Dorset, that specialises in the production of cured, air dried and smoked meats and other charcuterie. 



J. Mato and sons family Butchers from Blandford are one of the best butchers I have used. Superb quality and care about where the produce is coming from.

J Mato & Son Ltd, 7 West Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7 Tel: 01258 452079 ‎


Here at the cottage we recycle pretty much 70% of all our waste. Paper, cardboard, wooden boxes and of course the bottles. We also compost all our vegetable trimming. This has helped us over the last year to cut our land fill waste by over half and we increased our business by half as well!! Thanks to the help of the local Council, 1st Waste and the bottleman this has been possible.

Ist Waste collects all our Cardboard - www.1stwaste.co.uk

The Bottleman collects all our empty bottles and glass - www.bottleman.co.uk

The local Council all our land fill waste

Last but not least WEBSITE

We have the (we think!!) Best web designer Rachel from Dorchester Web Design. She is so passionate about her work and waves her magic in every thing she does from newsletters to recipe pages, it always comes back better then you imagined.