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Breakfast Menu


Corn flakes, Special K, All Bran, Weetabix, or Crunchy Nut


Porridge made to your liking with semi skimmed milk or water

Something more healthy

Dorset cereal with dried fruit, seeds and nuts, topped with local natural yoghurt

Fresh orange and ruby grapefruit segments

Dried Apricots steeped in local honey and cinnamon

Dried prunes socked in apple juice

Full YC Dorset Breakfast

Bacon, sausage, local black pudding, West country white pudding, egg, cherry vine tomatoes, and Dorset Down mushrooms

Free range eggs

Omelette with cheese, onion, tomato or parsley
Scrambled Egg
Poached Egg
Fried Egg
Boiled Egg


Poached smoked Haddock with poached egg and chive butter sauce
Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
Grilled kipper with lemon and butter


White or brown toast
Eggy bread home made brioche with raisins, orange maple syrup
Freshly baked croissant

If you do have any food allergies or special dietary needs
please tell us as we do not list all ingredients in our menus

We cook using only the finest rapeseed oil from Dorset