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Meet the Artist/Author lunches at Yalbury Cottage

We are excited to introduce two special lunches this summer featuring a locally based and inspired artist and author. Dorset is such a wonderful county full of creativity which we thought might be interesting to showcase. Combined with one of Jamie’s lovely three course lunches, these should make for an interesting and stimulating lunchtime!

The special lunch will include a pre-lunch drink whilst meeting the artist/author, a three course group lunch, tea/coffee after the meal and the VAT at £26.00 per person.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment by phoning us on 01305 262 382

kit berry books

Tuesday, September 10th 2013 at 12.30


Kit Berry spent most of her adult life in Dorset near Weymouth and started writing her Stonewylde Series in her early forties. The five books are set in an alternative community hidden away in the heart of Dorset and ruled by the charismatic Magus. It is a place of standing stones and earth energy, where the old ways are remembered by celebrating eight pagan festivals yearly and honouring the 13 full moons. Of course not all is as it seems and there is a darker side to Stonewylde, the books are brilliant and hard to put down once you started.

Kit will talk about her inspiration to write the series, and the incredible journey her books have taken her on.